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We provide something that mainstream schools don’t – INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION.

Most education systems that rely on classroom teaching do not have the facilities or the channels to effectively encourage individual development. We can.

We can because each child educated through us is treated as an individual. Programmes and lesson plans are tailored to each child’s aptitude within the framework of the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) curriculum. Age does not matter so long as the child can cope.

We bring each child’s strengths to bloom while we work on their weaknesses. This way, a child can be allowed to develop their inherent aptitude and not let it go to waste. Our aim is to take each child to a level where they have self-motivated learning and they are able to apply learned skills and knowledge to solve problems in every aspect of their lives.

We are a group of likeminded professionals eager to provide high quality education for our children -- ensuring that the children receive proper intellectual and cognitive development so that they can grow up to be independent, creative and critical in their thoughts and actions.

We ensure that the children have actually understood and learned something – and not just memorised and assumed to have learned.

In short, We Develop Scholars.

What Our Customers Said

From Parents

"My Learning World's teachers and method of teaching have given my son, Hiresh the opportunity to be the best that he can be. Be it in academics, independence and his social skills."
- Malathi

"The school brings my son closer to his goal."
- CP Loh

"An amazing place not only for gaining knowledge, achieving results and goals but also learn to nurture their true self and help them to build confidence."
- Karen

"A school extraordinaire."
- Mdm. Choy

"It is a place where teachers are not only concern with academic results and achievements but also help students to realising their unique characters."
- Mrs Loh

"I do not regret sending my son to study here.
He improved a lot not only academically but even attitude and temper.
He likes to get the opinions from the teacher when he faces problems.
I feel very reassuring to have sent my son here."
- Mrs Kong

My late father was a passionate teacher & educator... and I am so glad to have found that same passion I use to see in my late father from My Learning World. My son was their 1st batch student & through the years he has definitely evolve & blossom in all aspect, not only education. Thank you MrCheng for your guidance & heart for these kids.
- Miss Loh

"至尊敬My Learning World的老师, 感恩你们细心与爱心教导我的孩子。"
"Dear teachers of My Learning World, thank you for your kind and loving teaching of my child."
- Wong YH

"Teachers are very observant towards the child's behaviour and provide the best guidances to facilitate their future."

"The school is like a big family…"

"…the principal frequently shares his thoughts and discuss plans of activities with his students, getting them to think and be involved."

"My son learns how to communicate and work together with his peers… encouraged him to be independent and thoughtful."

"The principal recognises both the strength and weaknesses of my child."

"The Principal frequently shares his thoughts, gives us advice and suggest solutions to motivate and encourage our child.This helps us to understand our child better. There is clearly tremendous improvements in his studies and behaviour."

"My Learning World makes me want to go back to school again."

From Students

"I love going to school because of my teachers - Teacher Hanim, Mr Cheng and Teacher Mei Lin."
- Hiresh

"A completely different learning experience. I enjoy it very much."

Frequently Asked Questions

All about Homeschool and IGCSE

What is homeschool?

Home-schooling is a term used formerly by those who opt not to go to schools (either mainstream government sponsored or otherwise) for their educational needs. Children were either tutored at home by their parent or by engaging a private tutor (governess, etc.).

Why homeschool?

Society has changed rather rapidly, and many parents feel that they should be the one to decide who and how to educate their children. Many parents feel that the state sponsored education system (policy and management) are not able to cater for their children’s needs.

What is the benefits of homeschool?

Home-schools have several advantages that no formal schools have – flexibility, personal attention, and empowerment. Allowance can be given to faster or slower children to learn at their own pace. This is particularly important for children who are especially quick at learning or for those who require longer time. They will still be able to share the same space with their peers. More importantly, personal right and empowerment is preserved

Can home-schooling leads the children to tertiary education?

Currently, there are various home-school programmes available. All these programmes take a slightly different route to tertiary education. The most popular choice is the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ Level. These are from Cambridge International Examination board. All these certifications are well recognised by tertiary institutions worldwide.

Are our children’s education future secured with home-schooling?

It depends very much on the individual’s career path, future plan and choice of curriculum.

Is My Learning World a homeschool centre?

My Learning World is a preparatory centre for students taking the IGCSE.

Who can benefit most from My Learning World?

All children can benefit. If your child is not able to cope or showing signs of distress in formal schools, a change of environment and approach in education does wonders. If your child shows signs of boredom or simply not motivated to pursue studies, we can open more doors for them to endure a better future.

What is IGCSE?

IGCSE stands for International General Certificate for Secondary Education. It is a certification from Cambridge Assessment International Education Board, an exam board set up by The University of Cambridge, United Kingdom to raise the standards in education. It is equivalent to ‘O’ Levels or SPM.

Is IGCSE recognized?

IGCSE is an internationally recognized qualification. It allows the holder to apply for pre-university such as ‘A’ Level, matriculation, foundation or diploma level.

How is IGCSE compared to other similar examinations?

IGCSE is very flexible and offers a wide range of subjects. Children are not required to sit for fixed number of subjects within a fixed period of time and they are free to sit in either the summer or winter session. Furthermore, they can combine their qualification from multiple sittings.